Final Thought?

15 Dec

I know we are done with the post after yesterday but if David sees this I think it would be something good to see. The hall Of Fame is something that every pro wants  to reach in their lifetime but some people should be in there some of the time. When looking at certain players or the list of the greats of each sport it’s a gap in the races of the people who are in it. I mean there was a time in every sport where they were just looking at white and only considering them the greats. Then again now when looking at sports I feel like a lot of the white players in any sport get more respect no matter what the sport is because they are white. We could look at Larry Bird and Magic Johnson the only reason Johnson was getting more attention for the most part was one because it was in a bigger market and two Bird back was so messed up he couldn’t do what he wanted to do with it basketball. Tim Tebow right now how everyone is looking at him as a great QB right now. It’s a lot of black QB’s that play the same way he did in college and when they go pro they change their position because they feel like they are not QB”s and can only play a few offences but Tim Tebow makes it works. It’s a lot more other examples that I could use but these are the ones that I had paid more attention to and I’m sure if you take this class and seen it the way David made us see it you would feel the same way


BEst of both worlds

15 Dec

I love basketball movies i also read this book and the movie made the story so far fetch from the truth. but the main thing i want you to understand form this movie if you every watch it is to understand the way they look at blacks and whites in this area. as if the white players were the better ones and if it was a black kid who could play he wa special. they thought it was funny that the coach was going to start 5 black palyers which at that time was one of the dumbest things you could do but at the end of the whole matter me ended up shuting alot of people mouths and winning a national championship. you should watch it it you havent already

Passing Glory

15 Dec

This movie takes place in New Oleans in the 1960’s and in a way it tells you the only way to get the best competion in anything is to ut all people together buut the whites really feel that they have the upper hand in the whole matter some people if i find a few clips ill post them but here is the movie review


14 Dec

If this happen on a college setting or even in americado you feel like the outcome would have been different as far as the players and the fans reaction

This ish is Bananas!!!

13 Dec

When you talk about purity of anything I think the last thing you would think about is the purity of a sport. When you look back 40-50 years fans doing crazy stuff to players was nothing new weathers it was talking crazy or trying to strike fear in the eyes of the player of another race. Now saying that very few people know who Wayne Simmons is for those of you who don’t know he is one of the few black Hockey players. Not African but black and in a game where most people the only thing in the sport is the buck he stands out a lot of time. So he was taking a penalty shot and a fan throw a banana on the ice seconds before he shoot the buck and made it.  I was trying to see if the fan who throws the banana on the ice had said anything but couldn’t find it. But this is one of the many acts that go down when talking about sports and it is somewhat sad. The thing that makes me mad is in situations like that nothing is being done to the fan that did that act in the whole matter. But these are the settings where acts like this are more likely to happen because of the surroundings in the matter. All it does is give people a reason to do crazy stuff because no one is going to do anything about the act so when someone sees it that gives them a reason to get mad and see that the purity of a sport is being damaged my other races. Really tho even in sports they find ways to add people to the movement. Look at this video the thing that I don’t like about it its showing people that disagree with it and its not talking about the person who did the act just the act in general which I feel like if it was that much of a problem then we would have seen the person who did it.  I just wanna know why is he being protected for doing something so crazy. If a black person did something on this level im sure it would have been everywhere on every news channel but this was a white dude doing something to a black man with hockey no big deal but we will just put it on ESPN because it’s a sports story. But we won’t hype it up too much smh

IN Class Book and Movie

13 Dec

So in class we read the book Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead: The Frank Meeink Story and we also watch the movie American History X. The two have a lot in common if you ask me. The reason I say that is because you tend to see a lot of hatred in the two of them. In both I feel like the people in the whole white nationalists movement were young or in a way dumb minded which makes a lot of sense because if they weren’t then they wouldn’t be a part of something so simple minded. Me relating this to sports is simple to be honest. Ill use basketball and football. When the sports weren’t integrated then everything was fine no matter what level it was on high school to the pros no one had a problem. Similar to the way the kid was talking about his neighborhood at the beginning of the movie. Most sports had a problem with players (not white) being the face of the sport. One of the things that a lot of white people had when the ABA mix with the NBA was the way it was played. They didn’t think basketball should be played the way it was being played and now it’s the only way you can play it fast and up tempo. But back then it wasn’t the way they could play or the way they preferred so that hated it and a lot of the black players dealt with a lot of stuff they shouldn’t have just because the fans watching weren’t fans of the game but haters of the black people playing it. And dealing with white nationalists all you need is an idea and if you can trigger the anger in the idea then you can start the movement and that is what gets all of it started. When looking at players all you should see is a number and the stats they put up but that’s not the case at all in sports it will always be black and white because of the way. You can even use the screen in American history x when they are playing basketball that’s how a lot of the games are they are. Last year’s NBA finals with the Heat and the Mavs the heat was considered the black team because of LeBron and D-Wade and the Mavs were look at as the white team because their star player was Dirk and it is not as bad as it was back in the day but those are some of the little things white nationalists could look at and say they got the win smh. 

Jackie Robinson

21 Nov

baseball might be one of the weakest sports to me. I think part of the reason is becasue i can’t play it at all. but besides the point baseball is becoming real international and its more so in the spanish part of the wold. i mean to look for the best players and in some ways taking their childhood just to get the next MLB superstar. It wasn’t always like that  baseball was more so a white sport. like most sports they had a white and black league. but its always one dimond in the ruff and that person was the one and only Jackie Robinson. One man change the whole game for all races yes black man check him out